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14280 recensioner
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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14280 recensioner
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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För kärleken till spelet

Med inspiration från stjärnor som Naomi Osaka, Roger Federer, Serena Williams – och många andras framgångar – bestämde vi oss för att göra några ikoniska ögonblick till konst.

I samband med öppnandet av US Open tar vi gärna vårt racket och våra tenniskläder och skyndar till närmaste bana. Om du är ett US Open Tennis-fan precis som vi kommer du att bli lika glad av vår Game, Set, Match-kollektion som av tennispoängen!

Vi fullkomligt älskar spelets hastighet, de livfulla färgerna och de geometriska formerna. Därför bestämde vi oss för att sätta ihop världens bästa hyllningskollektion till tennisen; Game, set, match!

Det är en mäktig samling för de mest passionerade idrottarna i perfekt kombination med en hälsosam dos abstrakt konst för designälskarna.


People also ask spanish...

Which type of mobile case is best?

Mobile cases are designed to absorb the shock of any impact your phone may encounter with hard surfaces and also provide protection against scratching. As accidents are unplanned, the most effective cases cover the corners, edges, and back of your phone.

Our cases are 1.2mm, the optimum thickness for protection without increasing bulkiness. The raised edge protects the screen and cut-outs around the buttons for accessibility and ease of use.

What is the most eco-friendly phone case?

Most phone cases today are made with plastic sadly, so the best option is to avoid any case with plastic. These plastic cases are almost impossible to recycle and therefore are just sent to landfills.

Therefore going for cases that support a circular economy and are plastic-free is the best option. Our Agood cases are made 100% from linseed and compostable for iPhone and Samsung. Go for the stylish yet sustainable look.

How much should a phone case typically cost?

The average price of a phone case is €22-€46, however, this is dependent on the materials used. Our prices fall in the middle of that average, however, the majority of phone cases don’t consider the environmental cost. That’s why when you go for our mobile cases, it falls in the average price yet has little to no environmental cost.

What is the main purpose of a phone case?

Firstly your phone is expensive, if you were to get any scratches or cracks in your phone, it's much cheaper to buy a phone case than to replace the screen. The most fragile part of your phone is the screen, therefore it’s essential to have something in the way of the ground and your screen. Protecting your phone from scratches, cracked camera lenses & broken screens.

What is a compostable phone case?

A compostable phone case makes your and the planet's life a whole lot easier. It means you can simply compost your case in the garden when you’ve finished using it. Compostable phone cases are the best environmentally friendly version, no plastic is used in the product and leaves no mark on our planet. To make them even better, they can also be easily recycled and converted into new cases, unlike plastic cases.

Can you recycle plastic phone cases?

Sadly, the absolute majority of phone cases are made with various types of plastic, these are then blended together which means they can’t actually be recycled or used again. Every year, around 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold, this is not including the total of plastic phone cases produced. Looking at the total amount of phone cases sold and as most plastic phone cases can’t be recycled easily, it creates a huge plastic pollution problem. To make this huge problem go away, plastic-free cases are the option to go for.

What inspired us to focus on tennis?

We were inspired by the achievements of stars like Naomi Osaka, Roger Federer, Serena Williams – and many more – so we decided to turn some iconic moments into art.

During the time of this collection, it was the start of the US Open, so we gladly grabbed our tennis gear and skipped down to the nearest court. If you're a US Open Tennis Fan like us, you'll be equally thrilled by the live tennis scores as with our Game, set, match collection! We absolutely love the speed of the game, the vibrant colors, and the geometric shapes. That's why we decided to put together the world's best tennis tribute collection; Game, set, match!

How does tennis make you happy?

We always want to make our phone cases something our customers can smile about. That’s why we choose tennis!

As tennis requires both planning and thinking, it’s great for your brain training. The tactical sport therefore releases dopamine - also known as the feel-good hormone - as well as endorphins, therefore it helps you cope with pain and stress. Dopamine releases a mood-boosting neurotransmitter when you reach a goal.

What should be on a sports poster?

If you want to create a cool-looking poster, use photos of athletes. You can also have creative designs with their biographies and lists containing important information about them such as quotes or achievements - it's up for creativity! If your favorite player had the best possible representation in sports entertainment then collage him/her together on one side while including other pictures that show why they deserve recognition too.

What paper is used to make posters?

Posters come in a variety of materials and weights, depending on where they'll end up. For instance, indoor posters are often printed with 170gsm paper which makes them heavier than standard photo satin stocks for outdoor use or vinyl banners that have lasted years when taken care of properly! At A Good Company, our posters are made in a sustainable way! Bamboo paper with eco-friendly frames and water based-ink used to make stylish and lavish posters!