Top 5 Circular Sunglasses Styles for Every Face Shape

Top 5 Circular Sunglasses Styles for Every Face Shape

09 Feb 2024

In a world where sunglasses are often viewed through a one-size-fits-all lens, there's a hidden secret to discovering the perfect accessory: finding a fit that aligns with your unique face shape. While any pair of sunnies can shield your eyes from the sun, there's an eco-conscious magic in slipping on circular shades that not only protect but also is gentle to the planet. When you are planning a vacation, sunglasses are one of the main items in your travel bag. Beyond their practicality, these shades stand as a cornerstone for mastering summer style with a touch of circular elegance.A well-chosen pair has the transformative power to elevate a good outfit to greatness and turn a casual #ootd into a standout fashion moment.


Now, let's ponder the pressing question: What are the best sustainable circular sunglasses for your face shape? Fear not, as we've curated the ultimate guide to help you navigate the world of circular eyewear while championing sustainability. We firmly believe that the "right" shades are the ones that instil an instant boost of confidence and align with the circular charm that complements various face shapes, all while contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. Whether your face takes on a round, oval, square, or heart shape, understanding the nuances of circularity – the perfect blend of size, shape, and roundness – is key. Join us on this journey as we decode the art of selecting sustainable circular sunglasses that not only shield your eyes but also become a seamless extension of your unique style, echoing the commitment to eco-friendly fashion.

How to Find Your Face Shape?

When it comes to selecting the perfect sunglasses, understanding your face shape is the key to unlocking a tailored and effortlessly stylish look. There are six primary face shapes – heart, oval, round, square, long, and diamond – each with its distinctive characteristics. 

  • To determine your face shape, a twofold approach involves examining the perimeter of your face and comparing the proportions of your features. While some individuals may opt for precise measurements, others can rely on a more intuitive approach. If you choose to measure, consider four key dimensions: ear to ear, hairline to chin, and the width of your forehead and jaw at their widest points.
  • Once armed with these measurements, it's time to assess your face shape. Pull your hair back to reveal the full outline and identify the widest part of your face – is it your jawline, cheeks, or forehead? This primary assessment often provides a clear indication of your face shape. Additionally, consider secondary factors such as the shape of your jaw – whether it's round, angular, or pointy – and the overall length of your face.
  • For those still seeking certainty, a creative and fun method involves tracing the outline of your face on a mirror using lipstick or a dry erase marker. This visual aid can offer a clearer perspective and aid in determining the contours of your unique face shape.

In the pursuit of finding sunglasses that perfectly compliment your features, this comprehensive guide aims to find you the perfect sunglasses for your face. Armed with a better understanding of your facial proportions, you're ready to explore the world of sunglasses that enhance your natural beauty and elevate your style.

The Best Sunglasses For Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces, often referred to as triangle-shaped, exhibit a distinctive width at the temples and a graceful narrowing towards the chin. When it comes to selecting sunglasses for this unique face shape, the key lies in complementing its natural contours. The best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces feature wide lower edges and avoid straight lines along the top, as this design subtly shifts attention downward, creating a harmonious elongation of the face. Ideal sunglass styles for heart-shaped faces include those with cat-eye frames or rounded edges, strategically chosen to offer a more balanced appearance. To enhance the natural beauty of this face shape, opt for sunglasses that are wider at the top than at the bottom, mimicking the forehead and jawline proportions. This not only draws attention towards the wearer's smile but also avoids a bulky or top-heavy look.

Best sunglasses for heart-shaped face
Best sunglasses for heart-shaped face

Bird Eyewear presents a stellar example of sunglasses for heart-shaped faces with "The Petrel Black" design. Boasting a 100% beech wood frame, these sunglasses not only exude a timeless aesthetic but also prioritise durability and strength. Handcrafted with precision, "The Petrel Black" is a testament to Bird Eyewear's unwavering commitment to quality. Beyond aesthetics, Bird Eyewear's sunglasses are a conscious choice for eco-friendly fashion. 

The Best Sunglasses For Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval faces, often deemed the lucky ones in the face shape realm, are graced with gently rounded and evenly balanced features. The beauty of oval faces lies in their versatility – practically every frame looks fantastic on them! From designer to sporty, from fashion-forward to functional, the options are endless. The only red flag? Steer clear of oversized frames that may overshadow those beautifully symmetrical features. Opt instead for sunglasses that gracefully cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones. While you have the flexibility to experiment with fun shapes and vibrant colours, it's advisable to stick to medium-sized frames. Too small, and your face may appear longer; too oversized, and you risk obscuring your other features. Sunglass designs such as aviators, rounded frames, and retro styles are your perfect allies in enhancing your natural elegance.

Best sunglasses for oval-shaped face
Best sunglasses for oval-shaped face

The Tawny snowy sunglasses from Birdeyewear in collaboration with agood company are perfect sunglasses for an oval -shaped face. It is crafted with a bold personality with marbled black and white tones. These sunglasses not only offer a striking aesthetic but also ensure a personalised fit with easily adjustable features and sprung hinges.

The Best Sunglasses For Round-Shaped Faces

Round faces, characterised by their circular nature with the widest point at the cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jawline, are beautifully unique. To complement the natural curves and offset the roundness, sunglasses with square and rectangular frames become the go-to choice. Another stylish option is oversized sunglasses, strategically chosen to balance facial features and draw attention to the eyes and forehead, creating a visually elongated look. While dark, oversized lenses can exude chic sophistication, it's essential to strike a balance, as they might risk making the face appear smaller and rounder. Consider opting for lenses with a gradient or lighter tint, as this not only adds a touch of flair but also contributes to elongating the face and directing attention to the upper half, creating a more balanced aesthetic.

Best sunglasses for round-shaped face
Best sunglasses for round-shaped face

Bird Eyewear presents the Alba Dusk sunglasses – a manifestation of minimalist elegance crafted from transparent bio acetate. Perfectly suited for round face shapes, these sunglasses offer a soft and intelligent look, providing a sophisticated yet subtle accessory to enhance your style.

The Best Sunglasses For Square-Shaped Faces

Square faces often boast strong features, including prominent cheekbones and a well-defined jawline. With the forehead and jawline as the widest points, the key to choosing sunglasses lies in maintaining a central focus. To soften the angles and bring a touch of gentleness to square faces, opt for sunglasses with round edges or softer materials, such as lighter colours and rimless frames. The ideal glasses for square faces are those with round or oval shapes, effectively rounding out the sharpness for a more harmonious and balanced appearance.

Best sunglasses for square-shaped face
Best sunglasses for square-shaped face

For those seeking a bit of flair, experimenting with bolder colours such as gold, blue, green, or pink can enhance the natural warmth of your skin tone, creating a playful and youthful vibe. The Luna gold sunglasses with gold frame from Birdeyewear is  the perfect frame crafted to complement square heads. A truly beautiful golden sunglasses frame made from recycled aerospace alloy. The Luna is a classic round sunglasses style with a modern touch. Designed to accompany you wherever the sunshine takes you, these sunglasses not only provide 100% UVA protection but also add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

The Best Sunglasses For Long-Shaped Faces

Long faces, akin to oval-shaped faces, offer a canvas for various sunglass styles. While they can effortlessly rock round and square shapes, rectangular sunglasses may pose a challenge, appearing too narrow and sitting too high on the face.

Best sunglasses for long-shaped face
Best sunglasses for square-shaped face

To find styles that enhance both your facial features and skin tone, consider not just the shape but also the frame material. Lightweight materials like acetate, as favoured by Bird Eyewear in their Alba sunglasses, are ideal. Crafted from eco-conscious bio-acetate, the Alba in caramel combines a compact modern design with a keyhole bridge and rounded outline. These sunglasses not only provide a stylish touch but also prioritise your comfort with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Choosing the right sunglasses isn't just about shape – it's about the materials that allow your features to shine through. Embrace your long face with the Alba in caramel, a chic and eco-conscious addition to your sunglass collection.

Tips on Choosing the Right Circular Sunglasses

Understanding Frame Materials

Beyond style, the choice of frame materials is crucial. Bird Eyewear stands out as a premium eyewear brand committed to sustainability. Their frames are crafted from environmentally-conscious materials, including certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminium. By choosing Bird Eyewear, you not only adorn yourself with stylish sunglasses but also contribute to a positive change for the planet.


agood company ◣ Bird Eyewear


Bird Eyewear designs their frames with a focus on longevity, ensuring that every pair is 100% circular through their circular sunglasses production. This commitment is further exemplified through the agood loop initiative by agood company. At the end of their life cycle, you can send your old frames through this program and receive a brand-new pair in return. This innovative approach minimises waste and actively participates in a circular economy.

Importance of UV Protection

Sun protection is a non-negotiable aspect of sunglasses. Circular frames should not only be a fashion statement but also a shield against harmful UV rays. Bird Eyewear prioritises your eye health by providing sunglasses with robust UV protection. Ensuring that your eyes are safeguarded from the sun's rays is an essential component of choosing the right circular sunglasses.

Balancing Style with Sustainability

Circular sunglasses offer a perfect blend of style and sustainability. Bird Eyewear, with its commitment to transparency and ethical practices, not only focuses on the aesthetics of their frames but also ensures that each pair aligns with your carbon-neutral lifestyle needs. By choosing Bird Eyewear, you not only embrace circular fashion but also support a brand dedicated to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, leaving a positive impact on both your style and the planet.

Final words

Now that you have a glimpse of the diverse circular sunglasses styles, we encourage you to explore and discover the pair that resonates with your unique style and face shape. Sunglasses are more than accessories; they're an expression of your personality. In the grand scheme of things, fashion can be more than just a look. It can be a statement. Brands like Bird Eyewear remind us that choosing sustainability is a small step that makes a big impact. So, as you slip on those circular frames, consider the mark you're leaving – not just on your look but on the world.

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