The bamboo toilet paper fighting period poverty

The bamboo toilet paper fighting period poverty

04 Feb 2023

Access to personal hygiene essentials, like our bamboo toilet paper, is something most of us take for granted.

But not everyone is so fortunate.

We were shocked when we found out that over 500 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide don’t have the means to properly manage their periods with health, safety, and dignity.

This means that they might have to miss school or work simply because they lack proper period supplies and menstrual health education. Some even face shame and stigmatization as a result.

The term used to describe this is Period Poverty and it can have a serious impact on families, communities, and nations. And it’s not just in developing countries. According to one study, 1 in 5 teenagers surveyed in the United States have struggled to afford period products.

Knowing what we now know, we couldn’t stand by and let this happen. That’s why, with each bamboo toilet paper subscription, we’ll provide a period kit to a woman who needs it through the organisation Days for Girls (DfG).


A sustainable solution to be proud of

Each DfG Kit contains waterproof shields, absorbent liners, panties, a washcloth, soap, a carry pouch for washing and storing, a care and use sheet, and a drawstring bag to hold everything.


All the components are reusable and each kit can last up 2 to 3 years when taken care of properly.

An elegant, sustainable solution to be proud of. But that’s not where it ends

Giving women their dignity back!

Days for Girls also works with women, communities, educators, and governments around the world to end the stigma around menstruation and improve women’s lives.

Their approach is to create long-lasting, sustainable change by equipping women and men with the knowledge and tools to create menstrual products and provide quality menstrual health education through the Days for Girls Social Enterprise program.

They also work with government and advocacy groups to support menstrual health initiatives at the local and national levels.

Notable achievements include launching the South African Coalition For Menstrual Health Management and improving public access to menstrual materials in Maryland State.

Days for Girls’ holistic approach has already helped restore dignity to 2.6 million menstruators around the world and they’ve only just begun!

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