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How Reusable Water Bottles Help Reduce Plastic Waste

25 Jul 2023

Have you switched to using reusable water bottles yet? If not, we highly recommend you do so, as the mountain of plastic waste is only getting higher and higher. With low recycling rates and high levels of toxic substances in plastic bottles, we need to implement healthier habits into our daily routines. This article will present you with the reusable water bottle benefits, and how they help reduce plastic waste. Remember that most plastic items have a better alternative that we can include in our life.

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Single-Use Plastic Bottles Contributing to Plastic Waste

Why are plastic bottles bad for the environment?

Available at every store worldwide, at a relatively low price, in handy packaging, plastic water bottles are an obvious solution to our thirst. It even seems harmless to refill the plastic bottle and reuse it when you feel thirsty again. However, there are some major issues when it comes to using them, and we will introduce you to them.

Plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals

Once you have drank from a plastic bottle, it becomes plastic waste. The waste ends up in landfills and oceans and releases harmful substances. Here is a list of the most harmful ones:

BPA (Bisphenol A)

This compound chemical can lead to miscarriages and fetus diseases, and it can also lead to a deterred health of a born child. The idea of buying BPA-free products is great only in theory. Usually, instead of BPA, its alternatives, BPS, BPF, and BPAF, are used. These alternatives are equally as harmful as BPA.


To create a handy water bottle, scientists always use phthalates. These chemicals have to ability to disrupt endocrine systems in animals and humans. No one is immune to such harmful chemicals. Always opt for reusable water bottles made in a high-quality bottle factory that works in harmony with nature. 

Plastic Bottles Are one of the Biggest Environmental Threats


Left in landfills, plastic bottles start to release microplastics in hot weather. Undergoing studies do not have promising results on the effect of microplastics on humans. Actually, the entire ecosystem and animals and plants as well are under the influence of these chemicals. They have the ability to weaken our immunity, and cause severe health conditions if exposed to them on a daily basis.

Plastic waste is an environmental threat

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the plastic we use on a daily basis? Unfortunately, only a small portion of plastic bottles go through the recycling process. And when they do, the final product is never a plastic bottle, for example. The recycled material is ingrained in clothes, usually, but it can never form an entirely new product. So, imagine 38 billion bottles in landfills piling up each year, waiting hundreds of years to degrade on their own. With such low levels of recycling, and the production levels skyrocketing, the only thing we can do is switch to reusable water bottles as soon as possible.

During the creation of plastic water bottles, oil, and gas are used, and plenty of carbon dioxide is released. To be precise, 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide go straight into the air. Such high carbon dioxide levels increase greenhouse gas level emissions, leading directly to higher temperatures and global warming.

What is a reusable water bottle? 

A healthier alternative to plastic waste comes in the form and shape of a reusable water bottle. Imagine a final product whose production did not harm the environment in any way. Made from recycled steel, thermal bottles are a perfect way to reduce plastic waste.

Unlike plastic, stainless steel does not contain BPA, BPS, BPAF, or any other harmful chemical. The best part about it is that you can simply wash your reusable water bottle in a dishwasher and use it again and again. 

Reusable Water Bottle A Colorful World
Freedom Reusable Water Bottle

If you have a choice between a reusable thermal bottle and harmful single-use plastic, make the right choice for the environment.

Benefits of using a recycled steel water bottle

Let us take a look at all of the benefits you will experience if you ditch plastic water bottles.

Reduced plastic waste

One person buys approximately 13 water bottles a month. This accounts for around 160 bottles a year. If you are a family of four, this could easily add up to be up to 600 bottles from a single household. With a reusable stainless steel bottle, you only need one that you can use for a lifetime.

If you throw the plastic bottle into the plastic section for recycling, know that the bottle will end up in landfills most of the time. The goal is to reduce the usage of plastic by switching to healthier alternatives. You will be doing the world and yourself a favor if you stopped buying plastic. Plastic pollution facts and solutions have never been more straightforward, as luckily, we have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

Save money

Plastic water bottles are inexpensive at first glance. It is not much to spend a few dollars on single-use plastics. However, at the end of the year, you realize that you have spent hundreds of dollars on more than 150 water bottles. The solution is to invest in recycled steel water bottles that you buy only once. It will pay itself of in two months, and you have a high-quality eco-friendly product. Most offices and companies offer free water, which you can use to refill your thermal bottle. This means you will never have to pay for water again as long as you have your reusable bottle with you.

Conscious consumerism is here to stay. More and more people realize that shopping and a plastic-free environment can go hand in hand without sacrificing anything.

Beautiful design

All plastic water bottles have a similar design. And even if the design was unique and beautiful, they all seem the same to turtles, whales, and dolphins that choke on them. Plastic waste can never be beautiful, let alone help you express your personality.

With reusable stainless steel bottles, however, you can always be in style as they come in a fantastic variation of colors. Choose among charcoal black, vista blue, ultramarine green, and many other options. Or get a bottle with an interesting design that carries an important message. 

Reusable Water Bottle Charcoal Black
Reusable Water Bottle Vista Blue

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that nature approves of your choice. You can also take a closer look at the initiative - fighting the water crisis. Drinking water is scarce in many developing countries. With every bottle sold, we proudly contribute to the life-changing mission of charity: water, ensuring that 500 liters of safe, fresh, and clean water reach the ones that need it the most.

It keeps your beverage hot or cold for a long time

When you take the plastic bottle from the fridge and take the first sip of water, it tastes great. But, within minutes, your water will start to warm up. If you are outside walking or running, you will end up with warm water really fast. With reusable water bottles, the temperature remains the same for 24 hours for cold beverages and up to 48 hours for warm ones.

So, instead of using the steel bottle just for water and creating more and more garbage, you can use your bottle for water, tea, coffee, or shake. The possibilities are endless, and plastic waste is reduced. 

Yellow Reusable Water Bottle

You don`t have to give up on convenience

Perhaps the best thing about recycled steel bottles is that they are as convenient for usage as plastic bottles. You can place them in the cup holders in strollers, bikes, and bags. Take them to the gym, and you will never ever mix your bottle with the ones from a guy or girl exercising next to you.

No plastic packaging

Another way in which reusable plastic bottles reduce plastic waste is that they do not come in plastic packaging. All plastic water bottles come in packagings of six or twelve and are wrapped in plastic material. This plastic material will also take years to degrade and will have plenty of time to release toxic chemicals into the soil, underground water, and the food we eat.

Reusable Water Bottle Dusty Pink agood company
Reusable Water Bottle from agood company Come in Organic Cotton Bags

Thermal water bottles come in organic cotton bags. These bags are eco-friendly and, most importantly, reduce plastic usage and waste.

Reusable water bottles are a perfect birthday present

Spread awareness of eco-friendly, reusable, recycled steel bottles by gifting them to your loved ones. Is there a better way to reduce plastic waste than doing it together with your family and friends? Head off on a mission to show that it is easy to lower single-use plastic usage. So, if you don`t know what to get someone as a present, take these bottles into consideration.

How do reusable water bottles reduce plastic waste?

They do so by being the perfect alternative. Convenient, low-price, beautifully designed, and healthier, reusable water bottles are the future of a plastic-free world. Plastic waste is a mountain of bottles and other things, but we are creating a different mountain, one full of eco-friendly products.

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