agood loop™

agood loop™

30 Jan 2023

Welcome to agood loop!

We care a lot about the environment and the impact our products have on it. There are many questions we ask ourselves when developing our range:

  • What materials will we use?
  • Are they the most natural we can find?
  • Where are we going to manufacture?
  • How much carbon does the manufacturing process consume?
  • What happens to our product when the consumer is done with it?

That last question is, to us, one of the most important.

Of course, it’s great to have a debate about different "green" materials - do you prefer bio or recycled plastic for example? We do provide information about all materials used in our products.

natural materials

But really what matters is whether or not the product has been designed in a way that allows us to re-purpose it into something else.

We believe strongly in this circular economy and that’s why we developed agood loop. It’s our way of enabling users to return unwanted products to us, for whatever reason and whenever they want.

Here’s how it works

When you buy something from agood company that’s you entering agood loop. When you’re done with your product, simply return it to us and, if you’d like, swap it for something else.

Just go to and put in your order number and email address.

We’ll then send you an RMA number and ask you to return your product to us. We’ll then send through a discount code for your next purchase. Super simple.

Agood Loop Process

Which products are included?

We’re working to include more products all the time, but right now we have a solution in place for our phone cases.

We design our cases in such a way that they can be re-used in future manufacturing. This is the same for our plant-based cases and our recycled clear cases. We take all the returned cases to our manufacturing partner where they are sorted, cleaned and then re-grounded into pellets. These can be mixed with virgin material and turned into brand-new phone cases. And we can do this again and again and again (up to 7 times in fact).

The industry produces a billion plastic phone cases every year and now, for the first time, we have a fully circular solution to that awful plastic problem.

Clear Phone Case
Join the Good Fight Phone Case
Phone Case Vanilla White

Conclusion and updates

agood loop™ a feature where environmental care and product impact intersect. We craft with purpose, driven by key questions:

  • What materials are truly natural?
  • How light is our manufacturing carbon footprint?
  • What's next for our products after they serve?

Central to our ethos is circularity – not just "green" materials, but purposeful design. agood loop embodies this philosophy, making returns and repurposing effortless.

Here's how: Purchase initiates your loop. Return products via, gain an RMA number, and receive a discount code for your next purchase – a thank you for joining the journey.

Update: Become a looper

Calling all eco-conscious individuals to join our mission to create a greener future through agood loop™ 2.0.

While agood loop™ has proven impactful, we've delved deeper into the environmental effects of shipping and transportation. With agood loop™ 2.0, our focus sharpens on mitigating shipping-related damage. By strategically situating return addresses closer to you, we anticipate a potential 30% reduction in carbon emissions per return.

Bulk shipping magnifies our eco-friendliness, amplifying our mission's impact.

To become part of this influential movement, connect with our team members for guidance.

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